Help our region's youth experience the joy of the performing arts.

Many children in the greater Fredericksburg region have never experienced the joy of either seeing a professional play or being onstage themselves.  They haven’t had the chance to get lost in a world of creative delight and imaginative wonder.  We feel that this hinders their ability to grow into well-rounded adults because they are missing an important part of a balanced education strictly due to their financial difficulties. In addition, many local high school students who have experienced the joy of being part of a school production need help in order to pursue their professional careers. By supporting The Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts, you will not only give our local children joy, but you will experience it yourself.  We welcome you to attend the final day Summer Camp Showcase to see firsthand the excitement and delight on the campers’ faces as they experience the euphoria of being onstage.  Or stop into a children’s theatre production during lunch to visit with the students from our Title I school sponsored field-trip.  I promise you that their elated faces hold an element of exhilaration in anticipation of what’s going to appear on that stage in front of them.  And when the house lights dim and they start to cheer, a moment of magic enters into their hearts as they lose themselves in the beauty of live theatre.  It’s a moment many of them will not soon forget, and you can help make these kinds of moments a reality for these youngsters. Won’t you help bring joy to our local children?  


Thank you to our Donors

Mentor ($1,000-$4,999)                                                         Supporting Actor ($500-$699)       

                          Mr. and Mrs. John McKeown                                                 Mrs. Sharon Minniear

                                                                                                                               Theresa Y. Crawley, DDS

                        Featured Actor ($300-$499)

                        Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ingebretsen


                         Chorus ($100-$299)                                                                 Ensemble ($25-$99)

                         Ms. Andrea Cordray                                                                 Ms. Jaqueline Brence

                         Mr. Robert F. Hale, Jr.                                                              Ms. Andrea Candea-Carroll

                         Mrs. JoAnne H. Kinnamon                                                     Ms. Victoria Russell

                         Mr. and Mrs. Karl Krueger                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwab

                         Mr. Darrell Lowe                                                                         Sindy's Nails Corp.

                         Ms. Dorothy Mondak                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Chip Sudduth              

                        Ms. Carol Speirs                                                                          Ms. Vicky Wilder    

                         Mrs. Jane C. Sthreshley                                                            

                         Mr. John Thompson

                         Ms. Susan Worrell                              


Sponsor a Scholarship

Our largest project in progress here at the Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts involves planning and launching a local high school musical theater awards contest.  The purpose of these awards will be to recognize, reward and encourage talent and achievement in musical theater among high school students within the Fredericksburg region.  This awards program will also be a means to highlight the importance of musical theater and arts education within our extended community.  One of the most important aspects of this awards ceremony will be offering several scholarships to local high school seniors who are going to major in some aspect of the performing arts.  Would you like to sponsor one of these prized scholarships?  If you have a passion for helping our local teenagers achieve their dreams of entering the professional performing arts arena, then we would love to have your support in establishing one of these awards.  Or perhaps you would like to honor a beloved family member who had a love of acting, singing, or dancing.  What better way to honor his or her memory than to name a scholarship after him or her?  We need your assistance now to determine how many scholarships we will have in the inaugural year of the awards ceremony, which will occur in 2018.