In 1998, a man named Rollin Wehman established a professional theater in southern Stafford County.  The Riverside Center Dinner Theater provided patrons with a quality performing arts experience, and it has continued to do so under its new title as the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts.  Similar in name but completely different in structure, The Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts (RFPA), is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt public charity. Founded in 2006 by concerned members of the Fredericksburg community, the RFPA responded to a critical need for resources to enable exposure to and training in the performing arts by underprivileged demographic segments of local community members. Specifically, these founding members had a vision for the children in the greater Fredericksburg region: they wanted them to experience the joy that theater brings to people’s lives. As the new Managing Director of the RFPA, I am fully committed to this goal.  But I need your help bringing this joy to as many of our local children as possible.  No other organization is as well-prepared or equipped to handle this task, and the time to move forward with this important community endeavor is now.