Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts

2018 Summer Camp Rules & Regulations

* Copies will be given to campers on the first day of camp and counselors will review them with all campers.


Welcome to musical theater camp!  We are excited that so many children will be joining us this year.  Safety is of utmost important to the camp staff, so we require that all parents, guardians, and campers read and agree to these camp rules before camp begins.


Attendance:  This camp is only a short ten days, so we ask that campers be present every day, unless an unexpected illness or other emergency arises.  The last day of camp is our showcase, and attendance by all campers is required.  If a camper cannot attend the showcase (held on Friday, June 29th), he or she will not be admitted to camp.


Transportation: Transportation to and from the Foundation Camp facilities is the responsibility of the child’s sponsoring agency or a parent/guardian.


Arrival time: Please arrive every morning between 8:45 and 9:00 am.  A light breakfast will be provided for the children but we will start camp activities at 9:00.  Doors will not open before 8:45.  Camp staff will give a warning to the parent/guardian of any campers consistently arriving later than 9:15.  After one warning, camp staff reserves the right to dismiss the tardy child from the camp.    


Dismissal time: Camp ends at 2:00 pm. every day except for the last day of camp.  Camp staff will give a warning to the parent/guardian of any camper consistently arriving later than 2:15 pm.  After one warning, camp staff reserves the right to dismiss the child from the camp.


Meals: A light breakfast will be provided for the children from 8:45-9:00 am.  A hot lunch is also provided.   If a camper has food allergies, please indicate what they are on the registration form. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special dietary needs beyond allergies.  All campers are welcome to bring a packed lunch if they would prefer that over the provided hot lunch.  


Gum: Campers are not permitted to chew gum during camp because this greatly interferes with acting and singing capabilities.


Electronics:  Campers are encouraged to leave all electronics at home; however, cell phones are permitted as long as they remain off and out of sight during camp hours.  This does include lunchtime because campers are encouraged to interact with other children while eating.  All other electronic devices are prohibited.

*Please note that The Riverside Center and The Riverside Foundation are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items at camp.  


Dress code:  Campers should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, such as leggings, sweatpants and t-shirts.  Since this camp requires a great deal of dancing, the following items should not be worn: skirts, open-toed shoes (including sandals), low-cut tops, and very short shorts.  Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for safety purposes.  


Behavior: All campers are required to behave appropriately during camp activities (including lunch).  Horeseplay and running are not permitted for safety reasons.  Pushing, shoving, punching, and slapping are all prohibited and may result in automatic expulsion from the camp.  Profanity is not permitted at camp.  Camp staff reserve the right to speak with campers and their parents/guardians about any troublesome behavior.  Camp staff also may dismiss a child from camp due to poor behavior and/or language.

Participation:  All campers are expected to participate in camp activities.  If the camper does not want to participate, then camp staff will first speak to the camper and if the child still does not participate in activities, camp staff will speak to the camper’s parent or guardian.